Nigerian Prince

On Thursday evening, January 17th, I (Wallace) got an email in my personal email that basically said, “hi, you’re my half brother, let’s meet up.”  It was about 9:00 and Karen was already in bed.  I thought to myself, “yeah right Nigerian Prince, you’re not gonna get me.”  I deleted the email.  All the next day at school, I was feeling bad, thinking “what if…”.  Not only was I thinking “what if…”,  I was wondering what the hell is going on.  I struggled with what to do, so I texted my mom (Terry) and asked her if she had a long lost son out there somewhere. She denied it, and blamed my dad.  She said, “nobody knows what he was up to in 1962.”

When I got home from school I checked the 23 and me website and saw that there was a half brother connection, but it was on the maternal side. I talked more with my mom about it, trying to figure out the story, and we finally came to the realization that Steve is my Aunt Cathie’s long lost son. I was freaking out, trying to figure out how to approach her and give her the news. My mom and I discussed it and she told me that she would do it, thank God. Click to read the rest of the post and leave a comment.

Can we meet for a coffee or a beer?

In my (Steve’s) last post I had just hit send on the 23andMe website where Wallace’s and my DNA results had been matched up.  It had taken me a month of thinking about all of this before I finally got the courage up enough to send that note.  On hitting send my heart jumped up in my throat and I had to physically swallow (a couple of times) to make it go back down again.  Now I was committed! Click to read the rest of the post and leave a comment.

Twenty Miles And What Do You Get?

Hi, this is Cathie.  In my case, I’ve found a whole new family.  I would like to share a little about my son Steven, and his awesome family.

Steven is fifty six years old.  He will turn fifty seven on April fifteenth.  He is a graduate of Mich Tech and is an electrical engineer.  Steve is head of technology at his company.  He has been married to his wife Patty, for twenty five years.  Patty has worked in the Fenton schools for many years.  Patty also keeps score for the Fenton High School swim team.  We are very much alike in many ways.  I worked in my son Nick’s schools until he graduated.  Poor guy!

Steve and Patty live on five acres in Fenton, with their two sons . Mike is twenty two.  He attended Mich Tech.   Kyle is twenty and attends Kettering College in Flint.  I have met them both, and look forward to getting to know them. They are very handsome men.

This is a wonderful family, and I am proud to call them my own.  I can’t wait to get them together with my son Nick, his wife Stephanie and grandson Greame, and granddaughter Gracie.  To think that all of the years that we lived in Whitmore Lake, they lived only twenty miles away!!!  Click to read the rest of the post and leave a comment.

Does She Have Any Beer?

I first met Cathie at Burger King, East Lansing, Mi. It was 1966, I was a sophomore at Michigan State University. I lived in the Chalet Apartments. Burger King was right across the street. When I started working there, I first met Cathie, some of her sisters, her Mom, and her Uncle Doug, the Manager. Cathie’s mother came up to me and said “my daughter, Cathie, thinks you’re cute”. I replied, “does she have any beer?”. Click to read the rest of the post and leave a comment.

The Beginning

In my (Steve’s) first post I summed up 56 years of experience in four paragraphs.  In this post the story speeds up and summarizes a couple of months’ experience.  I previously shared that my wife (Patty) has always been worried about not knowing my family health history.  She’d asked me often to take one of the DNA tests on the market.  Last August I acquiesced and sent in the test package.  That evening I offhandedly mentioned to my sons that the results might reveal a family member out there in the world.  But I did not take it that seriously at the time.

At noon on September 20th I received the email from the DNA test site saying my results were ready online.  In first scanning the results I was happy that finally I could answer my boys’ assertions that I’m eastern European.  (I’m not.  I’m 70% British/Irish and 30% French/German, and 1% other).  That was cool.  Then I clicked on the DNA relatives tab on the web page.  Clicking the button on a mouse is such an innocuous action but this click practically stopped my heart. Click to read the rest of the post and leave a comment.

Before the Beginning

This is the first post of which I (Steve) hope are many.  It’s a little long so please bear with me as I want to give you the background leading up to all this excitement.  My name is Steven, a name that I now know was given me by Cathie at birth.  I was born in Lansing and was immediately given up for adoption.  The information I had about my birth family and the first three years of my life fit on two sheets of letter size paper, single sided, double spaced.  Not much information, but it did say my birth mother was pretty.  That part was right.

I wasn’t adopted until I was three.  Cathie says I missed out on all that early age-bonding stuff.  I think she’s right since I personally can be stand-offish, sometimes slow to make friends, and generally uncomfortable in crowds.  It’s interesting that none of that has been true over the last week and a half as I’ve met, texted, and talked with so many of you.  Click to read the rest of the post and leave a comment.